Friday, April 27, 2007

Retro Knit Friday!

This week's booklet is from 1954. This company, Nomotta, also offered the Knit-For-You skirts, but also included instructions for all the skirts in the booklet. The cover jacket, is described as having "the New Look in double yarn" and is knitted with dress-weight yarn knit with the yarn double on size 5 needles at 6 sts/inch.

The skirt patterns offered are a straight pencil skirt, flared skirts, full skirt (it looks like a very flared skirt, not gathered), skirt with godets, ribbed skirt, a mostly straight skirt with a pleated side panel, and various versions of pleated skirts.

This pullover is made with ribbon and yarn in a checkerboard pattern.

I wish they had shown a color picture of this jacket because it is knitted in yarn and metal thread. I thought at first that it had a zipper down the front, but it is faced with grosgrain ribbon and fastened with hooks and eyes. It is knitted with size 2 needles at 8 sts/inch.

This is called an "Easy-To-Make jacket With Cardigan Neckline". It has an attractive texture stitch and crocheted edging. Her peculiar hat looks like a very thick hairpiece.

Here is a fitted jacket with a Peter Pan collar, pocket flaps and ball braid edging. The edging is made in a humorous way: the instructions say to knit a long strip that will fit around the entire outside edge, sew it into a tube, and insert a very large number of wooden beads (but it neglects to tell you what size beads to buy) that have been strung on thread, then to tack the trim between each bead. It is attractive, but that would be a ton of work.

This jacket shows the Spanish influence that was popular during the early fifties. It is called a Matador Jacket, and I know that at the time there were pants called Matador Pants or Toreador Pants, which I think were close fitting and capri length. Notice how her hat looks a little like a matador hat, too.

In knitting news, I have the back of the pale green sweater hung on the machine, but it has been hangin there for several days without anything happening to it, maybe this weekend I sit down and knit it.

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