Friday, April 20, 2007

Retro Knit Friday!

This booklet was published in 1949 and highlights wardrobes, kind of a knitted SWAP (Sewing With A Plan). The cover has a red and grey wardrobe that includes a red suit, a grey cowl-necked blouse for late-day wear, a tweed vest, and the popular short cape of the period. I like the hat with the curling feather and the oh-so-politically-incorrect fur wrap.

The red dress is accessorized for evening wear with long gloves, a fox fur wrap, and the peculiar hat with red paintbrushes on the side.

The white hooded evening coat is knitted of knitting worsted with an entire knitted lining striped in gold yarn.

The grey ensemble also has gold trimming and is shown on the sofa for evening wear and below in a butterfly chair for day wear.

The blue dresses are knit of nylon ribbon. The top dress has a stripe pattern in two different yarns, and the bottom suit has covered buttons and a slim skirt.

The back cover shows three blouses. One is a lace-front short sleeved blouse with elastic at the waist. The next is a very modern looking two-tones blouse, and the third is a cardigan with french cuffs that require cufflinks.

Today is a rainy day in the golden state, so I am going to put aside my knitting for the weekend and start some spring sewing.

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