Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Fuchsia Sweater

I love to put on a big cardigan sweater in the chill mornings so I decided to make a few more of them. I want a washable sweater that can go right in the washer and dryer, because I have been known to go out back and pot up a few seedlings in my sweater, and potting soil does fly about a bit, at least it does for me. I also wanted to try a lace border from Knitting On The Edge.

The sleeves came out a little too long for me, so I cut the lace cuffs off, flipped them over, and grafted them back on as folded-back cuffs. I like the looks of the cuffs, makes me think of Russian garments for unknown reasons. The bands are a combination of garter stitch for about 8 or 10 rows , then a picot edge. The lace edgings were knit by hand then hung on the bulky machine. The sweater is indeed large, but makes an excellent jacket-type garment for puttering around in the mornings. It still needs a little blocking, but that hasn't prevented me from wearing it already.

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