Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No Knitting!

No knitting going on around here, since my daughter will shortly be coming home from college for the summer and I have to move the kntting stuff out of her room. We live in a mid-century ranch house which has pretty small closet space, so I have left the bedroom closet to the use of the spouse and I hang most of my clothes on a garment district-type rack in the girls' room when they are not in residence. When they come home for a visit, I move the rack of clothes into the sewing room, and the only place it will fit is right in front of the knitting machine. Luckily for my knitting, this is the year the girls will get their own apartments and start their adult lives out on their own, so my poor rack of clothes won't have to be shuttled around until Christmas. This means that at this time of year, I shift from machine knitting back to hand knitting. I will start in again on socks and maybe even pick up the Must Have Cardigan again! I do have some nice sock yarn in the stash so should get busy with that.

This is also a busy time of year in the garden. My favorite part of gardening is starting the seeds in their little soil cubes and nuturing the seedlings until they are big enough to plant out.
I usually start lots of vegetables and flowers, and just keep on planting things until mid-summer.

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