Monday, June 30, 2008

Road Trip Sunday

Yesterday we set out for the Amador Flower Farm in Plymouth to see the daylilies in bloom. We stopped in Placerville first so that M could visit the Lofty Lou's yarn shop. The shop is lovely, located in a little Victorian house on the main street. That's my daughter, A, sitting in front of the shop reading her novel. I got two skeins of Sockotta in colors I had never seen before, a pink and a purple, and M got some sock yarn too. From there we drove to the flower farm. It was still a little smoky in the Gold Country though our atmosphere in the Bay Area has improved a lot.

It was wonderful to see the thousands and thousands of blooming daylilies in their beds. It was better than looking at the pictures in the catalog because the real colors were much brighter. We picked out about 6 different varieties. All the varieties are numbered as well as named (love the names!) and were so well organized that everything was easy to find. With names like 'Aztec Chalice' and 'Hawaiian Party Dress' how could the flowers not be gorgeous?

The flower farm has lovely vistas and walks and picnic areas, too, so is a great destination for a weekend drive. We found out about it when we picked up one of those circulars at a historic site we visited with the inlaws.
Now the spouse has to dig up the poor messy front flower bed so we can plant the new daylilies.

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