Monday, July 7, 2008

Retro Knit Monday!

We are in for another bout of very hot weather. The spouse and I installed the summer shade cloth over the AC unit, so that will hopefully keep the house a bit cooler. Not much you can do when it is 110 degrees outside though. Luckily, the mornings are very nice so that is when the sewing and knitting are done. This week the booklet is Book 104 from Bernat, printed in 1962. It features Bernat Super Knitting Worsted Yarn. The book cost 85 cents back then.

The first sweater is an attractive cardigan with pattern bands on the sleeves, collar, and hemline. The sleeves are the ever-handsome 3/4 length, and the collar is large with rib bands around it. The front band is knit vertically of single rib. I have only tried this technique once on a vest, because I prefer knitting bands by picking up the stitches from the center front. I think that knitting the band vertically would leave lots of ends to weave in at the buttonholes. The instructions say that the main color is Beige and the contrast color is Green.

The next photo shows a color-patterned pullover in Ochre, Shell Pink, and Rust. I wish there was a color picture of this as the color scheme seems odd. The jacket is a Chanel-type cardigan with patterned bands. The colors are Black for the body, and White and Walnut for the contrast. 3/4-length-sleeve jackets looked very nice with the sheath or shift dresses that were popular then.

The cardigan on the left is also pictured in the color picture above. It has a herringbone pattern, solid bands, 3/4-length sleeves, and a shawl collar on a V neckline. The other cardigan has a pattern of twisted stitches and contrast bands on the collar and sleeves. The materials list says that the sweater is Dapple Green and Beige.

This pullover is knit in the same pattern stitch as the Blueberry Waffle Socks (available online somewhere) and has raglan sleeves. The colors for this sweater are Dark Sand, Tapestry Brown, and Sand. The booklet provides a graphed chart for the color blocking.

We had a busy and productive 4th of July weekend trying to save some of our fruit from the marauding squirrels. The spouse stripped the apricot tree and the Santa Rosa plum tree, and I made one batch of jam and froze the rest for later jam making when it is cooler. I enjoyed watching those squirrels wander around the now-empty trees going 'Hey, where did the fruit go??" I try to keep the bird bath clean and full of fresh water, and not only the birds enjoy it - the squirrels have learned how to leap from the neighboring tree trunk to balance on the rim and drink. The spouse also dug up the front flower bed so we can shortly plant the lovely dayliles we got in Plymouth last weekend.

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