Saturday, June 14, 2008

Retro Knit Saturday!

I have actually started seaming the green cardigan and am knitting the neckband. I may also have worked on the rescue mission hat a little.

This week we are going to look inside the Reynolds booklet that I found at the booksale. There doesn't seem to be a date on it, but it looks like it dates from the early 60's. The designs are still mostly classic without a sign of the later 'mod' influence. The cover shows two sweaters knit at 4 1/2 sts/inch. The pink sweater has set-in sleeves and a fringed collar with a YO, cable pattern stitch. The green sweater, though similar, has raglan sleeves and the pattern stitch is the same one used in the Blueberry Waffle Socks.

This must have been during the time that mohair sweaters were popular (early sixties) since the booklet has patterns for several. This blue cardigan is knit at 5 1/2 sts/inch in a cable pattern with a high V neckline.

This blue mohair cardigan must have been a fast knit at 3 1/2 sts/inch with sleeves that are cast on to the body. The pattern seems to be the same pattern as the first mohair sweater.

This attractive sweater blouse is knit at 6 sts/inch and has a front placket and raglan sleeves. I like the way the use of larger collars brings the focus to the face.

Here are two overblouses for casual wear, both in fuzzy yarns. The green sweater is mohair and has a drawstring belt through a row of eyelet holes at the waist. The yellow blouse has 3/4 sleeves and a back placket opening at the neck. Those pants that appear in lots of the photos must be stirrup pants which were also popular around that time.

This, another blue mohair cardigan, is knit at 5 sts/inch with a glitter mohair yarn. It says that the yarn contains Lurex, a metallic or sparkle fiber, and the glitter is increased by the use of rhinestone buttons down the front.

Tomorrow is Father's Day and we have a nice lunch planned for the resident father and the visiting grandfather that will include Swedish meatballs, cream gravy and ligonberry jelly. I have cleverly made the meatballs ahead of time so I won't have to work too hard on the day.

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