Friday, June 27, 2008

Retro Knit Friday! (On Friday!!)

Here are the last few designs in the Reynolds Vol. 28 from the early 60's. The jacket is the first Fair Isle in mohair that I have seen. The sleeves are bracelet length (slightly longer than 3/4), and there are no fastenings on the front band. It is knit at 5 st/inch on size 7 needles.

Another Tyrolean cardigan, this one also with no fastenings down the front. I have never seen so many cardigans with no buttons before. There are embroidery motifs in the diamond spaces of the cable design and tucked into the smaller cables.

At last, some buttons! This sweater, knit at 6 sts/inch, is called 'Classic Shetland Cardigan'.

The Diamond Pattern Jerkin has buttons on a crocheted band, 3/4 sleeves, and a short length. The diamonds are knit with the use of argyle bobbins. The gauge is 5 1/2 sts/inch on size 5 needles. I have to say that a pose like this should make you nervous - what are they hiding about the sweater?

The lapped neckline on this classic raglan pullover with ribbed sleeves is a little different, but it works well with the wide cable band down the front.

We are still suffering through very smoky conditions from the wildfires in the state. Things are so bad that the public is advised to stay inside if possible, and when I have to go out I wear my face mask. While staying inside so much, I have been working on the hats and have another one completed and yet another one started. M has let us borrow the first season of Burn Notice on DVD, so there will be watching and crocheting and knitting this weekend.

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