Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Even More Kufi Caps

Still crocheting and knitting the hats for the mission. I like the tapestry crochet, and it is interesting the way it will distort a graphed pattern, slanting it to the side a little and adding spikes here and there. You end up with something that looks completely different from the chart you are using, but still interesting and tribal looking. The pattern on the white cap was from a section on Chinese designs in an old book of mine.

The next hat was supposed to have an aboriginal leaf pattern but I put in the two yellow lines for the fun of it. The tapestry crochet makes the sides firm so they stand up well. The hats look large on the little papier mache head, but look better on a real human head.

I hope I am making a dent in the leftover yarn stash. My sisters reminded me of a pattern I got at stitches this year for an Aran knit pillbox hat, so I should take a break from the crochet and try that out with all the white yarn my MIL gave me for the rescue mission project.

My zinnias are blooming, finally. The colors of zinnias seem to be very intense, bright oranges and reds and pinks. The blooms last a long time, too. The vegetable garden is lush and producing. I am having a success with the zucchini and summer squash for the first time ever.

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