Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poppy Cardigan

Now that I am thinking about finishing up some projects that have been put aside for a long time, I have found the bag with the Poppy sweater in it. This is a short-sleeved cotton cardigan made of Reynolds Saucy, color 133. The picture of the sweater in progress does not do the color justice, because it is a lovely, soft, creamy, butter yellow. I got the yarn at Rumplestiltskins in Sacramento. I was originally making the cardigan to wear in Atlanta during my daughter's graduation week, but I never got it finished in time. I try never to knit to a deadline because rushed knitting is stressful. I just gave up the idea of wearing it to Georgia and found another outfit. It is such a pretty sweater though, from the Patons book that reprints favorites from years past. I lost enthusiasm for the sweater because I was using up the yarn at such a rapid pace that I knew I would not have enough.

I had redrafted the sweater using Sweater Wizard, and when you print out a pattern using this software, it includes a yardage estimate. I had plenty of yarn according to this estimate, but the back was just using up so much yarn. I set the sweater aside in my trusty Trader Joes shopping bag, and forgot about it. One day we went on another drive up to Sacramento, and stopping in at Rumplestiltskins, I saw that they still had the yarn in my color. I picked up about 4 more balls of yarn, so now I am feeling better about the whole thing.

In other knitting news, I have started the second Trekking sock and am trudging through the endless plain sock top.

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