Monday, January 7, 2008

First Sock of 2008

This poor sock has been languishing for about 3 months, was ripped out twice, and is now in the home stretch. I only have to graft the toe. This yarn, Trekking XXL 110 is so beautiful that I love working with it, but the striped pattern doesn't ever repeat itself. I think it is impossible to make two socks so that they match up, but A says she doesn't care at all anyway. I am using Size 1 needles (love those KnitPicks needles) and 72 stitches. I am still liking the Yarntainer, and it has stopped my sock yarn from taking unplanned journeys across the floor.

I have been taking stock of my unfinished projects to get them on the track to completion. There is the Ranch Red cardigan which needs seaming, bands, and buttons. Older still is a V-neck pullover that just needs seaming and bands. I also have a short-sleeved cardigan in cotton yarn that was supposed to be worn to A's college graduation in Atlanta, but did not make the deadline and is waiting patiently in a Trader Joe's bag for me to remember it. And, as ever, the Must Have Cardigan. I should start with the V-neck, I think, because I always get energized by finishing something, and that is the easiest.

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