Thursday, March 22, 2007

Where I Keep My Knitting Needles

I have many many knitting needles, most of them old and peculiar. I keep them in the very old Bucilla blue box that the yarn for the only dress I ever knit came in. I knit a pink dress out of Bucilla Paradise because the management of the store where I was an instructor demanded it, and it was cute, but alas, those were the days of the mini so the dress is now useless. Not that I could even squeeze into it now, but still. I have kept the box in one piece through massive applications of book tape. Paradise was a yarn made of nylon or banlon or some such manmade fiber, it was crinkly and quite nice for a dress and had excellent drape. Lots of ladies loved it for cruisewear and other traveling because you could squish it in a suitcase with no bad consequences.

I keep the circulars in a separate plastic container. The crochet hooks are kept in two places, an old pen box and a quilted scissor holder/crochet hook caddy. The two places resulted when the silver colored pen box went walkabout and was missing for maybe 5 years before I found it again in the sewing room. I had to buy a whole new supply of crochet hooks.

Why is it that you can never have too many needles? My daughter was showing me her sock needles from KnitPicks, and you can tell just by holding them how nice they are. I have to get some of those, I am thinking.

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