Saturday, March 17, 2007

Timeless Fashion

One of the things I like the best about sweater design is how the styles are so classic. You can look at the patterns of 50 years ago and still use them today. Here are some designs from several old pamphlets of mine:

I love this illustration and have two pamphlets with work by the same 50's artist. Don't the ladies look chic? I don't think I have ever managed to look chic, but one lives in hope.

This sweater is amusing because it has buttons but doesn't button, and an opening down the front that doesn't extend through the ribbing. A close-up view shows the snaps that are under the button band, which pull on the knitting in an unattractive way. I like the lace panels and the 3/4 sleeves though.

The next is a cable cardigan with a nice slim fit. People were certainly slim and fit after the war, and I like the way clothes got longer and skirts got fuller when rationing went away. The armholes were high and tight in these old patterns.

The capelet is right in style now, except for the cutesy bow and collar. This model is in a lot of photos and looks to me like the schoolteacher, Miss Landers, in Leave It To Beaver.

As long as we are talking about old pictures, here's one of me a few years after I first started knitting

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Miss Lissa said...

I suspect that I am lacking the "chic" gene as well...