Monday, March 19, 2007

Sad Tale

I can remember the time when you could go to the local drug store and they sold yarn. The yarn was wool, in 4 0z skeins, and cost about 88 cents. I bought some nice heather grey and made a cardigan from the top down. Right about the time I was almost finished with the sweater, including basting in grosgrain ribbon to face the fronts, my husband got a job in Washington D.C. and we left California for a great adventure in the East. When we were all settled in at our new apartment in Virginia, I couldn't find the sweater to finish it up and actually wear it, since I was now faced with snow and ice and other unfamiliar weather oddities. We lived on the far edge of the country for about 5 years and then came home to a new job. One of the first things I saw after we moved back was a family member (his family) WEARING MY GREY SWEATER! The poor sweater was all worn and still with the facing ribbon just basted in. Why didn't they send it to me or at least tell me they had it? I had looked for it for years. Needless to say, I said "Hey, that's my sweater!" and took it back. And here it is lo, these many years later, still with the ribbon just basted in.

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