Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Project

I have started the Simple Shrug for my daughter.

The pattern calls for 4 balls of yarn in the larger size, but holy cow, I have used up three balls already and am only half done. I checked the gauge, measurements etc, but plainly, the instructions are daft. I started the ribbing for one of the cuffs last night, then did about two of the increases when I got totally unenamored with the stockinette stitch, so I hung the whole thing on the machine and am now more than half done in just a few hours of off and on knitting. I took a break to go and buy three more balls of yarn, because either I am knitting the biggest shrug known to man or their calculations were way way off. I am using the green colorway because M likes green.

The garment is knit from side to side which is why it is so long that it is dragging on the floor. The other picture, the closeup, shows the color gradation in the yarn. The green is more like the green in the machine picture though.

After I finish knitting it, which should take about another hour, I will seam it up and pick up the rib border stitches to do by hand. You can see from the photos that I do not have a ribber on my machine, but I like hand ribbing better anyway.

After this is completed, I am going to make another short-sleeved sweater with some red Fiesta, changing the neckline to a V-neck.

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