Thursday, March 15, 2007

Recent Projects

I worked on the High Mesa Cardigan for about 2 years because I would get tired of it for long stretches of time. I was working with two strands of knitting worsted, knitting by hand, and the sweater rapidly got too big and too heavy to cart around. Finally, last year, I decided to finish it up, which involved recalculating the sleeves. I just could not make sense of the directions in the pattern, so I drafted the sleeves out and finished up the sweater. I swear, that sweater could stand up by itself. After a quick toss in the washer and dryer, however, it softened up nicely and started its life as my favorite sweater. Sure, it is huge and makes me look like a yellow Pillsbury Doughboy, but it is exquisitely comfy on the cold winter mornings we had this year. I found myself yearning for it when it had to go into the wash.

Another recent finished object is this short sleeved pullover. The hubster has requested that I use up some stash, so this sweater is made with Red Heart Fiesta, which knits up nicely on the bulky knitting machine and seems to wash and dry nicely. I drafted the pattern myself, experimenting with methods for drafting the set-in sleeves. It fits very well, but for some reason, I find the neck a little uncomfortable, since I like a lower neckline. But it is useful and I have been wearing it anyway.
The white sweater is one of a design series I was working on. I have a pattern for a T-shirt that fits me well, so I decided to try and adapt a sewing pattern to a knitting pattern. This is really hard to do, since sewing fabrics are completely different from the knitted fabric and behave differently. After several failed attempts, I actually wear this sweater.

Right now I am knitting a Must Have Cardigan in a pumpkin color and only have the sleeves left to finish.

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Miss Lissa said...

You're right - the stuff looks nice all photographed! You should post some in-progress pics of the MHC, too. :)