Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tea Leaf Green

This time I changed the neckline up a little.  I wanted a V-neck but without the hassle of a continuous band that goes from the bottom to the center back neck.  To accomplish this, there is a 3-stitch flat area before the neckline decreases start.  This was sort of successful, but the next version will have a slightly larger flat area just to see how that looks.  This is a very pretty green that I couldn't catch in a photograph. As are all the other sweaters, it is made from Red Heart Supersaver and only took 3 skeins.  Supersaver knits up very well on a knitting machine except that you have to watch for the occasional flaw in the yarn that can snag in the yarn carriers.  I wind the yarn into big yarn cakes before knitting it on the machine.  One skein will make the whole back or front with a little left over, and one skein will make two cardigan fronts or two sleeves.

I didn't make any Christmas presents this year so have nothing to hurry and finish up.  It is very relaxing.

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