Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

After over a week of sunshine, signs of Spring are now visible. I saw the first almond blossoms a few days ago and now all sorts of things are starting to bloom. Here are a few pictures to cheer up those still knee deep in snow.

I have finally purchased a length of both white and black fleece to take pictures on. Haven't washed them up yet to take out the store creases, but you can see the improvement over my crumpled length of black crepe. I was going to photograph the back of the green sweater all seamed up the middle, but I couldn't find it until I looked in the bag with the rest of the green yarn. There it was, all wrinkled, but you can see the back seam. Sometimes there are too many stitches to fit across the bed of the machine, so I divide the back in half, add extra stitches for the seam, and seam it up later. Once the sweater is washed, the seam is nearly invisible. Today I am going to try to knit both fronts.

Happy Valentines Day to all. I am going to bake some chocolate chip cookies for the spouse and because it is a holiday, they will have no nutritional merit.

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