Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First Sweater of 2008

I finished the V-neck sweater finally. This yarn does not photograph in all its beauty, as it is a rich barn red with tan accents, and it will go very well with my camel-colored slacks. I show it laid out on that poor crumpled piece of black fabric and on Betty-the-dressform. I am thinking that a nice length of black fleece would be nice to photograph things on as it would not wrinkle or show fold lines and would absorb the light in a nice matte manner. I think I will go down to Joanne's today and hunt some up.

V-neck sweaters look nice done with a double band - decreases at the V for the first half, a few rows with no decreases, then increases for the second half. This makes a nice, comfortable, stretchy band. I think that next time I will make the V-neck even lower. The sweater has 3/4-length sleeves, which I am finding very practical.

My plans for today are to bake some bread and to hang the next green ribbing onto the machine all the while listening to a very good book-on-tape by Norah Roberts.

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