Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Little Stockings

I found these little Christmas ornaments in the sewing room. They are leftover from the boutique I used to take part in years ago. They are small enough to hang on the tree and were knit on the knitting machine. They are knit flat with short rows for the heel and toe, then the top part is seamed up the back and the foot is seamed up the sides, and the open stitches at the end of the heel are grafted to the open stitches on the back. These are knit of knitting worsted and embroidered with duplicate stitch. The hanger is a length of single crochet stitched to the inside of the top.

Right now I am working on the fronts of the green cardigan and seaming up the Ranch Red cardigan. I am also thinking about the next sweater, but then, I always am.

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