Saturday, February 16, 2008

Retro Knit Saturday!

Way back in the olden days, I was a high school home ec teacher for awhile. I kept file folders full of clippings on subjects I might use for lessons, and while most of the files are now gone, I did keep the knitting files. I just opened one up and took pictures of some of the clippings. These date from the mid seventies, I think. I have always liked the hat picture, which I am only showing half of, because it is colorful and creepy with the fake people and the real people looking somber.

I think that this cardigan looks pretty nice for a crochet cardigan. It is a takeoff on the ripple afghans that have always been popular.

This coat reminds me of the Einstein coat, though it looks nothing like it except for the garter stitch. It has raglan sleeves and a ribbed yoke and cuffs.

A crocheted top and a knitted twinset. I remember that redheaded model because I had red hair myself in my youth, and during the seventies red hair came back into fashion. There were articles about it in the magazines as if it were previously something to be ashamed of. Red hair and freckles were supposedly comical.

A fairly attractive crocheted top that resembles the T-shaped sweaters of the time.
This sweater pattern was on a giveaway sheet you could pick up at the craft store. Still a wonderful sweater almost 35 years later.

Even though I saved all those articles, I never actually got the chance to teach knitting to the kids. At the time, knitting was on the downswing, and people thought of it as a grandma kind of activity. Knitting had a long slow decline over the decades and it is only now that it has come back into popularity.

Today I went to the booksale in Lafayette, and I found some good cookbooks and a book on embroidery stitches I had never seen before. It will be a help when I make some Mexican peasant blouses. Tomorrow I have to bake a big cake for the spouse's office party, and knit more pieces for the green cardigan.

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