Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tentative Plans

Here are some pictures of patterns M and I have acquired lately that we really like and would like to knit. This may or may not happen any time soon, but you all know how that goes.

The first sweater is Knitting Pure and Simple #263. M likes wrap sweaters and this is just a good, basic pattern. I plan to read over the pattern and redraft it to go on the knitting machine, since the pattern is knit from the top down.

This lacy shrug really appeals to me. I am interested in shrugs at the moment. This shrug pattern is in the Nashua Handknits booklet, The North American Designer Collection No. 2, Spring and Summer 2006.

The pink sweater appears on the cover of Jaeger Handknits booklet JB18. I like the fitted design and the scallop borders in addition to the lace panels.

This red sweater/shrug/bolero garment is in the Nashua booklet, The North American Designer Collection No. 3, Fall and Winter 2006. I just love this, and it looks like a really interesting knit. I would use it for a bed jacket, but M could get away with wearing it out in public.

I am still working on the rainbow socks, but some ripping was done, and reknitting is in progress.

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