Monday, May 14, 2007

Home Again

We are back home from our cross-country trip. We flew out to Atlanta to see the graduation of our second daughter from Georgia Tech, then we had to move her back to California. Most of her stuff was shipped, but the rest was packed into her little car, which we drove back across the country. Before we left, I managed to get to two yarn shops in Atlanta, Knitch, and Why Knot Knit. Here's the interior of Knitch, which is a very pretty, friendly shop. I got some sock yarn, Trekking XXL, and a Nashua booklet.

Why Knot Knit is in downtown Atlanta in a cute house, and we enjoyed browsing their excellent stock. M bought some yarn there, and I enjoyed listening to the accent of the very Southern proprietor. After that, we mostly drove and drove and drove, and we ate at some fantastic RoadFood places.

Now we are home again, and though I cannot get to my knitting machine now, I am going to start some sock knitting. To help with that, M gave me two sets of KnitPicks sock needles for Mother's Day. Since I also bought a copy of More Sensational Knitted Socks in Atlanta, I see some nice textured sock knitting in the near future. I might even pick up the Must Have Cardigan and finish it off, because miracles do happen sometimes.

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