Friday, May 18, 2007

Retro Knit Friday and New Project

My new project is a pair of socks for A. I was checking out the new location of The Yarn Boutique in Lafayette because my daughter had been there and had told me that it was bigger and better than ever. She was so right. They aren't quite settled in yet, but it is a lovely, big, bright, cheerful place with an excellent selection of yarns. I found this Opal #1705 and the very useful Yarntainer. My sock yarn always tries to escape from me by rolling across the floor or leaping out of my bag, so I am quite pleased with this gadget. The ball of Opal just fits inside, and is held captive. Aren't the colors pretty?

On our trip to Atlanta, I bought some Trekking XXL in 110 and 100. These will also become socks for A. I plan to try and learn how to make circular knitted socks on the machine this year. I have never really learned how to put the ribber to its full use, so I would like to try new things in that department. It doesn't really sound too hard. The hardest part will be clearing a path to the standard machine.

The cover of this 1949 Spinnerin pamphlet shows two very chic models. The navy peplum dress is knit on size two needles at 8 sts/inch. The long post-war skirt length pairs nicely with the nipped-in waist and peplum. I like the emphasis on accessories during this era, with hats, gloves and a full set of jewelry. The red topper is knit at 5 sts/inch. The boxy topper was a popular shape during the post-war years.

This cute little cardigan is knit in Spinnerin Dressy or Coquette at 8 sts/inch. Tying a little silk square around your neck was an often-seen style accessory of the late 40's and early 50's. They were also tied around pony tails, which looked very fetching.

This green fitted suit is crocheted on a Size 0 needle. Crochet can look very elegant when done correctly.

I couldn't resist showing this outfit because of the silly hat. I think that styles were influenced a lot by the Hollywood movies of the time, like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (I remember seeing a fashion layout in an old magazine about this movie), Blood and Sand (toreador pants, though that is a 1941 movie, but The Sun Also Rises, 1957, also had bullfight scenes), and some, I can only assume, popular circus movie that resulted in this hat. The dress has a flared skirt and a mini-peplum.

Today I am going to knit on the socks and watch Harry Potter movies. I also have to start some new cucumber seeds, since not all of my plants survived my vacation absence.


Miss Lissa said...


You know... A ziploc bags works just fine for sock yarn too....

redpajamamama said...

Neener neener neener, as Alex would say. By the way, I LOVE the KnitPicks needles.