Friday, May 8, 2009

Retro Knit Sequins!

I have never knit with sequins, or really, done much of anything with sequins. This booklet, still Spinnerin Volume 181 from the sixties, has a few paragraphs at the beginning of the booklet to teach how to work with sequins. I always wondered how people strung all those sequins onto the yarn, thinking as I did that the sequins were purchased in a box or bag. According to the instructions, the sequins of that time came on a string, and the user tied the end of the string to the yarn and slid all the sequins onto the strand of yarn. Here's how the sequin was worked into the knitting:
"K1, *insert right needle in back loop of next st, slide sequin close to work, K st drawing sequin thru st to front of work (1 sequin worked), K1"

This first top is rather nice, with classic styling. Worn with black velvet slacks or skirt, it would still be fashionable today.

I can't really see what use anyone would have for a sequined tennis sweater, though.
Sequin suit, also nice. I love the color, but I wonder how sequins would hold up to the wear of being constantly sat upon.
Sequin sailor top, strange, but I like it.

I finished the Sockotta socks, finally. This is color # 15.

In honor of the event this weekend that we are looking forward to the most, I say, "Live long and prosper!"

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