Monday, July 21, 2008

Retro Knit Monday!

I planted 4 o'clocks one year, and did not realize that they would be in my garden forever and ever after. Here they are coming up through the zinnias next to the cucumbers. They are putting on quite a show this year.

This week the featured booklet is a Stitchcraft from 1952, which, judging by the ads, is a British publication. The cover shows a man's Fair Isle pullover made in fingering wool. The button-up cardigan for the lady is made to match with bands of the same Fair Isle pattern at the wrists and waist. The cardigan has a patterned neckband and contrasting button band and is quite fitted. The gauge for these sweaters is around 7 1/2 to 8 sts/inch. The colors used are white, royal, larkspur, pewter, and touches of carrot, gold, emerald, rust and holy cow, they used the 'n' word to name a color, which is I suppose black or dark brown. Definitely not politically correct in 1952.

The description says "tiny beads trim a 2-ply classic of perfect fit". The beads look pretty large to me and are right in style for this season of embellishment. It is knit in 'limpid blue' at 9 sts/inch.

The crossover sweater is knit in gold and white at 8 sts/inch. It has diagonally knit striped bands and a solid waist band . I don't think it would be very comfortable to wear a sweater that stopped at your waist because it would be hard to keep it in place every time you moved.

The patterned cardigan has kimono sleeves and is fitted and hip length. It is knit at 8 sts/inch in white and apple.

The back cover shows baby items: pram cover, bonnet and booties, sweater, and a very pretty dress. I especially like the lace panels on the dress and the scallop crocheted trim on cardigan and dress bodice front. This is done by knitting a vertical row of purl stitches and then, when finishing, a row of slip stitches is crocheted into the line of purl stitches, then this is used as a base for the scallop crochet. The dress closes in back with little buttons fastened with loops of crochet.

This last picture is an ad from the back section of the magazine. It is an ad for Lux soap, and you could get the pattern by writing to the soap company. Unfortunately, the offer expired on September 30, 1952. The sweater is very attractive with 3/4 sleeves and crochet lace trim at yoke and sleeves.

We are harvesting a lot from the garden at the moment, so I am busy putting food up for the winter. Right now I am making lots of pesto and freezing it, but the basil is growing faster than I can keep up with. Also picking beets, squash, and cucumbers. The hot weather went away and it is now cool enough for sweaters. Today, anyway. Still smoky.

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