Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Pair of Socks

This week I made a bootie and finished a pair of socks (in addition to taking the inlaws for a ride in the country), so I would say it was a very productive week. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough yarn, but of course I did. I am thinking that with all the leftover sock yarn that knitters end up having in their stash, you could make a whole wardrobe of booties, one in each color of leftover sock yarn. There seems to be always enough yarn left over for one bootie but not two. I think that a baby would like to have mismatched feet, because that would be something to catch his/her interest while waving said feet around in the air. I once made a baby sleeper and ran out of yarn toward the end, so the sleeper is white except for one purple foot. M seemed to like it at the time.

Next up, besides the Rescue Mission hat knitting, is a pair of Shibui socks for A and the sewing together of the green cardigan. I have to choose a color for the next cardigan, too.

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