Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finally, A Finished Object

Too bad the color of this afghan doesn't seem to photograph very well because it looks so  much better in person.  There are several shades of pink and one variegated yarn with a pop of orange.  It is a nice lap-sized blanket.  I was really really tired of working on it by the end, though. The mint green yarn was a little hard to crochet, but it did wash up nicely.

 I finally went with a simple shell edging which looks pretty good.  This was the first time I have used the 'crochet-it-together-as-you-go' method, and it sure is better than hand sewing all the motifs together.

My unfinished sweater inventory is getting bigger since it is still too hot to have a lap full of sweater, so at present I have three sweaters that need buttons and one sweater to sew together, and about three sets of ribbings ready to be made into sweaters.

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