Friday, September 5, 2008

Vintage Knit Friday! and Progress Report

Back to 1949! This first sweater blouse is knit at 8 sts/inch in 'Angel Crepe', a lovely name for a yarn. This cap-sleeved blouse has a Peter-Pan collar and is embroidered with metallic thread for the flower leaves and studded with 5 sequins for each flower. The instructions tell the knitter where to mark the garment with a short length of colored thread during the knitting process to mark the place for each motif.

The striped top has the stripes knit in a chevron pattern using bobbins of 4 different colors. The shaping seems to be minimal, just a rectangle with extra stitches cast on for the sleeves and with an opening in the back that is faced with ribbon . The bottom edge has ribbing, and the sleeve and neck edges are turned under and stitched down.

'Arrowhead' is a top of classic design with embroidery on the front yoke. The collar is knitted separately and sewn on . I like the name of the yarn used - Wonderized Ladylaine!!. The perfect yarn for Wonder Woman to use for her knitting.

The Monkey socks are nearing the heel. M wants 5 repeats to the heel because she has made them before and knows what she likes. The yarn has stopped making vertical stripes, thank goodness, and is now wrapping around in a diagonal pattern.

I have most of the strings sewn in on the cardigan and just need to sew on the buttons and block it. A cute 6-year-old girl in Joann's helped me find buttons that match pretty well.

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