Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pink Sockotta Socks Finished

Here is the photo M sent me in an email. I managed to load the pic onto my computer and store it, which for non-techy me was quite an accomplishment. Took me a while to find out where it went to, but I'm not complaining. As far as the socks go, matching the stripe pattern came out as near to perfect as one can hope with sock yarn except for the toe on the right-hand sock. One toe has a little more light color than the other.

We are busy taking down the dropcloths and moving furniture back into place. Yesterday I got the drapes back up after the spouse finished up the painting. We still had a can of paint left from the bedroom repainting some years ago so we had the can reshaken at the hardware store and used it to repaint the patched up wall. No hassle with matching the paint color! We are loving the new windows. This is actually knitting content because I am recalling the way I had to use a pair of knitting needles to wedge up the slider on the old unlamented windows to keep it in position so the rain wouldn't leak in. After the spouse pried out the knitting needles I see that they are good as new after their years of service, so I will wash them up and put them back with the other needles.

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