Monday, March 17, 2008

No Knitting Content

No knitting was done this weekend because we had to travel to the Monterey Peninsula for a charity function for business. It was fun to mill around looking at the silent auction items and to check out the clothes of all the other ladies. Clothes varied from the semi-formal to the sweater set but there was no doubt that the area's affluent were in attendance. It always amazes me when they hold an auction and ask who wants to bid $20,000, and there are always people who do. It was also surprising that they were able to serve an excellent dinner to over 500 people. I have been to many charity functions over the years, and that was the best quality food I have ever had at one of these kind of dinners. They served salad, filet mignon and a fish dish on the same plate, really excellent asparagus and other veggies, and a chocolate mousse thingy for dessert. They raised a lot of money to benefit children so it was all good.

The first picture shows the view coming over the hill to Monterey and you can see the curve of the bay and the sea in the distance. The weather was nearly perfect, crisp and breezy and clear as a bell.

The morning after the charity auction, we drove to Pacific Grove and parked at the shore. The wind was strong and the waves were spectacular. We climbed down the rocks to the shore and watched the sea roll in.

Shortly after I took this picture, I had to make a run for it. Look at that big swell headed for shore.

We climbed up some rocks that jutted out into the sea and watched the waves roll past on the way to the beach. Just a beautiful, beautiful day.

We drove home through Watsonville. There are no more signs of the earthquake damage from Loma Prieta (1989), and even the church looks fully recovered. From there we drove through farmland and saw the artichokes and strawberries in their fields. We stopped in Morrow Bay near the big old power plant and bought some strawberries and leeks, and drove home through the blossoming trees and green fields. There are not many things more beautiful than a California spring.

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