Monday, March 24, 2008

Back At The Machine

All the Easter cooking was finished in time, and we had a lovely time over at the in-laws. They invited several single men friends from their retirement community to share the meal. One was sort of silent, but one is a real treasure, very active and interesting. We love it when he is able to attend holiday dinners. My MIL made her wonderful ham loaf for those who love it, which means my family, and sliced ham for those that prefer that. I did ask my MIL about those 1940 hairstyles with the poofy front, and though she remembered the mesh roll device you could buy to roll up your back hair, she didn't have any experience with the style I was asking about. She said that no one she knew ever did their hair like that, that she only saw it in movies and magazines but not in her real life.

Today I am trying to get to work on the apple green cardigan, but I made the mistake of listening too closely to my book-on-tape and forgetting that I was making a front with the decreases and increases on one side only. I ended up having to rip out about 20 rows, but everything is now back on track. To prevent this from occuring again, since I am constantly being called away from the machine to tend the laundry or phone or whatever, I wrote myself a little reminder.

I have had a new light installed in the sewing room, and the color of the yarn is much more true to life.

The weather is very warm today, but according to the weather person, this will soon come to an end. I have to get the cold frame set up and start my seed cubes, but that is for another day because today is for knitting.

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