Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cold Spring Needlework

Last year we needed a side table for the living room so got an inexpensive round-top one from IKEA.  It needed a mat on the top so I started crocheting one.  It seemed like a good idea to practice tapestry crochet but it was hard to find the right colors to match the cushions on the couch.  The couch is an interesting green color, a much more acid green than shows in the photo. 

 The crocheted mat languished in its bag by the couch for months before I finally picked it up again, but now it only needs about two more rows and an edging row.  The white and the colors are a lot more bright than the cushions, so when it is done I'm going to try tea dyeing it a bit.  That should be fun and should work fine since the threads are cotton.

When this is done I'll be able to take the shaggy placemats off the table and things will look neater.  After all that work, not much of the mat will show anyway since my husband keeps a rather large coffee table book up there.  But at least I will have finished something.

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