Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Inexpensive Yarn Caddy

My yarns for the afghan were getting a little tangled up so I put them in a cloth tote bag, but it wasn't big enough for all 9 skeins of yarn.  While out shopping at a discount store (like Marshall's, Ross Dress For Less, etc.) I saw this plastic caddy.  It was made for floor cleaning and came with a scrub brush, but was only $5.99 so it soon belonged to me.  It is very convenient to carry around the house and keeps the yarns nice and neat.

To keep the yarn strands separate, I used what was free and available to me, alligator clips stuck around the rim.  It works great.  Another idea for a yarn caddy is to make or buy a big enough cloth tote bag and sew buttonholes around the upper rim for the yarn ends to go through.  Or you could have an inner tote bag liner with  buttonholes tucked into an outer bag for carrying places.  When you are not crocheting, you would tuck the yarn ends between the inner and outer bag sections.

So far, there are 28 complete flowers so over 1/3 of the flowers are done.

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