Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring 2012

Holy cow, what is this?? While I was ignoring this blog, Blogger has completely changed itself.  I reserve judgement, but not every 'improvement' is an improvement.  It is no surprise that I haven't much felt like knitting for a long time, but I have been sewing.  My craft room was completely out of control, so I have been destashing and making the room more usable.  We packed up my many bins of fabric (that made the room into a sort of Grand Canyon) and stored them elsewhere, so the room is now open and neat (well, neater, anyway).  When I walk by, I can see my yarn and the knitting machine at the end of the room, and this is making me want to knit again.  I have several sweaters started and ready to hang on the machine.

Meanwhile, we are working on the yard.  My husband used to dig up all the garden beds with a shovel and rake it all smooth, but he can't do it this year, so we are going to get someone to rototill it for us.  We have put in some new rosebushes and are clearing out the back of the yard where the ivy is overgrown, since the spouse would like to put in a new fence.
The plant in the front with the purple flowers is common sage.  It looks really pretty in the spring, and it is handy having the herb for cooking.
 I don't remember the name of the rose above, but it is a David Austin rose.
The Cecil Brunner rosebush was already in the yard when we moved in 30 years ago, and it is still putting out hundreds and hundreds of pretty little blooms every year.

This planter was one of the nice surprises this spring.  I never took the potting soil out of it from last year and the poppies seeded themselves there.

I'm still working on the afghan and only have about two rows left to finish off.  Most of it is sewn together already, too, so I have the edging and then I'm done.

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