Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back To The Weave-It

Knitting is handy when you need a carry-along project for those times in life when you do a lot of waiting around. I have been spending lots of time with an ailing relative lately, sitting in doctor's offices or waiting around the house, so I have several sock projects in a tote bag along with some paperback books. That way I will never be horribly bored which is something I totally hate. I have also picked up the Weave-It again because I can make squares while I am watching TV. The colored squares will eventually be a scarf, and are made with sock yarn. I decided to experiment with a slightly heavier yarn, so I tried out Baby Soft from Lion Brand. I'm trying to decide how to sew them together.
This is how they look when they have single crochet all around, then sewn together like afghan squares. The downside of this method is that there are extra ends to sew in, and it takes a lot longer. I'm also not sure I like the contrast of the lightweight fabric and the heavier crochet.
I'm loving the sock yarn squares, though. The yarn cycles through different colors, so you never know what color the square is going to be until you are done with it.

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