Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eureka Getaway

We had a short break in our usual activities since the spouse needed to leave the stresses of the office behind for a few days. We headed up to the north coast to the same small towns where we spent our honeymoon years ago. One of our first stops was in Ferndale, a town which still has a lot of its original Victorian charm. The picture above was taken as we walked around in the crisp air remarking on how the town looks even prettier than when we were there decades ago.

We went to the beach in Trinidad, a small town on the coast, and I climbed up on the rocks to take this picture of the tide coming in. In addition to the pretty beaches, mostly empty, the towns are surrounded by pretty farmland, and we were lucky to be there when the wild flowers were in bloom.

I visited a few small yarn shops and bought one skein of sock yarn as a thank-you gift for my daughter who was babysitting my young plants. Now I have to find the sock I was knitting on before we left and try to remember where I was in the pattern. I finished up the Red Heart socks about a week ago and did not get around to taking a picture of them, but I am sure my daughter will post a picture when she thinks of it.

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