Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Summer Sweater

I went over to Borders this morning to see if the new BWOF had arrived, but no, it had not. While looking through the magazines, I found this one lone Sandra magazine (May 2008). I love the sweater shown on the cover, very Jane Austen in feel. I would lose the drawstring (hate drawstrings), and make it shorter, but everything else is so pretty. I like a few things about the grey sweater too like the openwork pattern stitch and the high waistline, but that other pattern stitch on the lower portion looks like bats to me.

My knitting has slacked off, I am sorry to say. The poor green cardigan is waiting to be sewn together, the rescue mission hat is progressing slowly, slowly, and the sock is at a standstill. The reason is that I am busy designing embroidery patterns for the Mexican Peasant Blouses I am going to sew this summer. I haven't done much embroidery in years, but the stash of colored threads is calling me. I am also going to try a little machine embroidery using the computer machine I bought a few years ago. Wait, I remember taking a class for the new machine during the time of the Oakland hills fire, so that would be 17 years ago. Holy cow, I did not know I have owned the machine that long. Time to use it, I think. Also time to get back to the knitting machine.

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