Friday, December 28, 2007

Retro Knit Friday!

I can't remember where I got this old Sears booklet, but it dates back to 1965. The cover states that it is a wardrobe created by Lois Holmes of California, who, according to a bio article, was a production knitter who supplied shops in Beverly Hills, Palm Springs and Miami. All of these designs are done in Sears worsted weight yarns. The wardrobe consisted of mix-and-match pieces to interchange for different looks. The cover shows 'The Empress' , a pullover with crochet trim, worn with the straight skirt.

Here the model is showing the basic skirt teamed with the shell.

The color-blocked cardigan is called 'Crazy Quilt Cardigan' and is layered over the shell and skirt. LH says, in the text, that this outfit is perfect for club meetings, luncheons, or shopping sprees. The cardigan is trimmed with crochet.

A classic sailor cardigan with a somewhat giant tie. Those sunglasses are pretty funny, but it was 1965. The collar is knit in one piece but it has two layers. The contrast band in the back of the collar is knit as a stripe into the middle of the collar piece, then the side borders are knit on last.

There are more pieces to this wardrobe, so I will show the rest next week.

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