Sunday, March 10, 2013

Still Unfinished

All the knitting has been done for several weeks, but I got sidetracked starting a new sweater and sewing some blouses, so this neglected cardigan still needs to have its ends darned in and its buttons sewn on.  Other than that, I think it turned out very well, and I want to try another one using a variegated yarn for the colorwork.  After exercising my brain to figure out how to make a pattern fit into the available stitches, I realized that I didn't need to as long as the pattern mirrored itself across the front edges.  What I did was to center the pattern on the center back, then put markers for every pattern repeat around to the center front.  This made the patterns match (mostly) at center front.  Good enough, anyway.

Need a lot of markers for a project?  I just bought a box of brightly colored plastic straws and cut one into thin rounds to use for markers.  The whole box of straws cost less than $2 and I only used part of one straw, so it didn't matter if the marker took a flyer and lost itself under the couch, I just got another one from the container.  Cheap and effective.  Plus, it isn't a tragedy if you accidentally vacuum one up.

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