Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spreading the Joy

What a week! I got to talking to a lady in Michaels on Tuesday, and she turned out to be the woman who owned a local sewing machine shop before she and her husband retired. She sold me my bulky machine back in the day. After chatting a bit, she asked me if I knew someone who wanted a knitting machine, since she still had a few left from the shop and wanted to unload them. I made arrangements to meet with her, wondering if it would be a bargain or if she just wanted to make a lot of money. Both my daughter and sister wanted a machine, so today I went over to Knitting Machine Lady's house and checked out the goods. It turned out to be a fabulous deal. I got my sister a mint condition, still in the factory box Elna EK 2300 for only $175. I got my daughter a standard machine Elna EK 2400 that had been a display or teaching machine for only $150. These used to have a recommended price of $799, so what a deal! My sister is thrilled and eager to get started. My daughter is out of town visiting a friend so will be surprised upon her return.

I finished the shrug but will wait to take a picture of it until M returns and can model it. In the meantime, here are a few California springtime pictures.

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